Solution’s for Today

The movement of equipment, regardless of what it is, is highly regulated. It is a costly exercise to have your own compliance team in house and the necessary paperwork is lengthy and complex. Mistakes in the logistics cycle can cause reputation damage, shipment delays, lost goods and end users missing project deadlines.

What is your current Practice?

  • Reply on customs brokers to file the proper documents
  • Electronic filing online through a freight forwarder’s website
  • Employment of in-house custom brokers or consultants to manage the filing
  • Using a third-party Logistics provider to file at the time of shipping
  • Avoiding international shipping altogether because of its complexities

How can Mouse & Bear Solutions Help?

M&B Solutions are your compliance partner for the Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR). We are experts in the processes and documentation required to move equipment around the world in a timely and legal fashion. We have global entities and partner networks for multiple countries spanning Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas, providing compliant solutions. M&B can perform all or part of the solution required by the client; flexibility is in our DNA

Using Mouse & Bear Solutions helps your business

  • Clients will be confident in your ability to deliver time and time again on time ensuring re-occurring business and a long term relationships.
  • Provide the ability to sell equipment into new countries and continents opening up your market coverage.
  • Remove the risk of non-compliance and the costs and delays associated with this.
  • Meet the requirements of an ever-changing global regulatory environment.
  • Remove uncertainty and doubt about your ability to complete shipments or tackle unexpected problems.
  • Ensure projects for the end user are not impacted by customs complications.
  • Mouse & Bear Solutions enables its clients to branch out globally and add Operational Value Added Services to their Portfolio.