Be it onshore or offshore, in harsh desert or remote mountainous area, in industrialised countries or frontier territories, Mouse & Bear Solutions is experienced in providing these specific services to its large and international client base.
Projects are defined by the people who deliver them. Staff at Mouse and Bear Solutions are proactive and reliable team players whose expert knowledge is backed up by the companies resources in procedures, IT and finance. As a consequence, they deliver the same consistent high performance of service to ensure the cost-efficient co-ordination of every project requirement.

We have the complex knowledge when it comes to moving complex components across the globe to remote locations. We have the experience and more importantly, the relationships for successful execution of time-sensitive assignments.

When you partner with us, you get the following advantages:

  • We reduce time and risk
  • We manage complex assignments
  • We facilitate operations globally

We strive hard to provide you unparalleled service levels that exceed customer and market expectations. We set you free to focus on your core business activities by assigning your logistics tasks to our team of experts. In short, we offer the right capabilities, with efficient and superior quality services.